Cervical Cancer Screening

Our primary focus area is on early detection of Breast and Cervical cancer in women. Early detection and screening leads to timely treatment and complete cure, whereas late detection reduces the chances of survival drastically.

The team shall be organizing cancer screening and detection consultations for women (Breast and Cervix cancer).

The awareness and sensitization sessions would include:

  • Make people aware about risk factors, early warning signs and symptoms of Breast, Cervical cancer to remove the myths and stigma from the society about Cancer.

  • Increase in awareness levels among people about Breast, Cervical cancer and tobacco cessation.

  • Empower women with knowledge & make them aware about importance of self-Breast examination.

  • Motivate people to come forward and get screened for Cancer to reduce the mortality.

  • Guiding the suspected patients to visit our empanelled or nearby hospitals for subsidized diagnosis and treatment. First diagnostic services free to the suspected patients.
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