Who is a franchisee

merrygoldFranchiser is the owner and originator of the brand and policies. In the Merrygold Health Network, Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust (HLFPPT) is the franchiser. HLFPPT has been setup by Hindustan Latex Limited (HLL) in 1992 as a nonprofit organization  under the Travencore Cochine charitable trust act. HLL is a fast growing health care company and is a Government of India enterprise. HLFPPT has as a social enterprise operating in 10 states of India, implementing project in colabration witch GOI, State Government,USAID,DFID,EC,Oxam and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
HLFPPT’s function can be categories as:

• Creating access to products and services for bettering reproductive and child health through social marketing and franchising.

• Developing programs for HIV prevention among populations with highest risk of contracting HIV.

• Providing technical assistance in public health programs.

• Programming new technologies for public health.