How can a merrygold franchisee provide this

merrygoldThe franchisee hospitals will be owned and operated by the franchisees. These will be L1 Hospitals in the Merrygold health network and provide maternal, newborn and family planning services including Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care.

The Merrygold responsibility
• The key key responsibilities of a merrygold franchisee are manifold.

Antenal Care:
• Good antenatal care assists a health provider is reasonably ascertaining risk factors during pregnancy.

Delivery Care:
• A women in labour must always be given a close support, care and attention from trained professionals.

Post delivery care:
• Those women who have a normal delivery should stay in the hospital for two days and those undergo casearian section can be discharged after the fifth day.

Child care:
• Ensure early breast feeding and initiation of Immunisation during the post delivery stay.

Family Planning:
• Family planning helps reduce the economic and emotional burden of parenthood by providing means to have smaller healthier families.

Franchiser’s contribution to this partnership
HLFPPT will develop a network from the village level L3 partners, block level L2 clinics and hospitals of fractional franchisees to enable referrals to L1 hospitals; provide marketing support services, branding and communication activities; market Health insurance. It will leverage medical technologies and clinical techniques; develop service delivery protocols, training manuals for L1 and L2 to ensure quality services and develop partnerships with Healthcare management institutions for capacity building of L1 teams in clinical and managerial skills.

HLFPPT will setup high end IT enabled hospital systems to make the Franchisee a hi-tech MCH facility.

Investment cost and franchisee fees:
Investment to be made by a franchise is approximately 35 lakhs depending on the various inputs costs. Most of the hospitals will be greenfields projects and will be set up by the entrepreneurs from the scratch. All franchisees will be charged a one time franchising license fees. This would include the right to use the franchisers brand name, project setting up, procurement guidelines, manpower planning and training and cost of providing entire business plan to the franchisee. A continuing fee is also proposed.